Day 05: Mill Valley, CA

spectacularly clear morning at Ragged Point.
the air was still cold as i pulled into Route 1 and headed north again.
i was only a few miles into the drive when it hit me:
what the heck am i doing with the convertible top UP?
so i pulled over instantly and dropped the top
and from that moment on the picture was complete.

the coast road is full of twists and turns and ups and downs,
pure roller coaster.
although there were several stretches of road being repaired,
it is saturday, and the workers were off, so
i slpped through with no delays whatsoever.

bright sun, wisps of fog, high speed, top down..
pulling G's all over the amazing geography.

i had just rounded a fast turn, downshifting,
and stuffing my foot into it,
and on the left side of the road there were about
50 teeny-boppers on a class trip, probably,
they were all checking out the view,
but they heard, then saw, this candy apple red Vette
with the top down and kickin' asphalt,
and they all, as one, turned and cheered,
applauded, and waved,
as i passed and disappeared around the next bend.

all i could think: "Yeah, kids, I know what you mean!"
i'll remember that for a while...

lunch at Ventana, then back on the road.
blasted straight through to Mill Valley,
just on the north end of the Golden Gat Bridge,
for a visit with one of my most favorite people.
Susie Higgins has been a not so secret crush
for 20+ years, but circumstances, either hers or mine,
conspired to keep us just friends.
she is now living in the midst of redwoods
so thick it was dark at her door in the middle of the day.
what a paradise!

she had a great surprise for me,
another good friend Janet was visiting Susie,
so we all had a great reunion and a great dinner at Poggio's in Sausalito,
where we were joined by Susie's Glenn who just won a surf contest,
so we just kept celebrating, even back at Susie/Glenn's place in the trees.

My face hurt from smiling so much...

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