Day 07: Gold Beach, OR

big scare this morning in Eureka:
i can't find the keys for the Corvette.
i look everywhere, twice,
every pocket, every bag,
and then i look in the car.

Eureka!! (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun)

the keys are sitting on the seat!
the car is parked on the street,
right in front of the hotel.
overnight the fog left a layer of droplets
all over the car, including the windows of course,
and that's why the keys could not be seen.
if it wasn't for the fog, that car would have been gone!

i drive to the local starbucks for my morning fix,
and reflect on the fact that it should be illegal
to drive in the morning without having coffee first.
my brain is working at half speed without caffeine.

continuing to drive 101, the Redwood Highway,
sometimes with magnificent views of the surf,
and sometimes through cathedrals of redwoods.
part 2 lane 55mph, part 4 lane divided 65mph highway.
i keep to the speed limit plus a few,
but when i get stuck behind a motor home,
and the road ahead is open,
i get to unload bottomless buckets of horsepower,
and it's easy to get into triple digits of speed.

passed through one small town with
"Cowgirl Mud Wrestling" on the theater marquee.
maybe I'll catch it on video...

also passed on the opportunity to see
the "Drive Thru Tree"
and the "One Log House"
and the "Original Tree House"

after much hassle with OnStar,
(bad reception, dropped calls, etc)
they announce that there are no rooms,
of any star rating,
available in Gold Beach,
or anywhere around it.
I'm thinking I might have to go all the way
to Coos Bay to find a bed,
but then the miracle happens.

lucky is my middle name.
i got the last room available in Gold Beach.
brand new very small hotel on the Rogue River.
The Rogue River Lodge at Snag Patch
just opened 3 weeks ago,
not listed in the books yet,
referred here by one of the places that was full.

exceptional place.
about 10 rooms,
each one with a name.
the name of my room is "Solitude".
i am definitely in the right place!

running out of clean clothes.
laundry is always a challenge on an extended road trip.

long way to go to canada,
only a couple of days to do it.

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