Day 17: Spokane, WA

The Car
The road from Moses Lake to Spokane is
a high speed straight shot along I-90.
The road surface is smooth and clean,
and just begging for high speed running.
The mid-day temperatures were hitting 98 degrees,
so I kept the top up and the AC full blast.

Cold, the tires are at about 30 psi,
but on the hot road, they get as high as 37 psi,
making for a rough ride... but I ain't complaining!

I was surprised that I have put on over 2300 miles
so far on this trip, so it look like I'll need to get
some service done, maybe in Denver.
I'm thinking I might leave the car at a Chevy dealer
while I zip out to Philly to visit my father on his 91st birthday.
That's about as much planning as I want to do!

The People
Hung out with my good friend Katie,
who I haven't seen for way too long.
She and I played frisbee on the beach
for many years, so we are very close,
even though I have not visited her since
she moved to Spokane.

Before dinner, I slipped over to Far West Billiards
and shot a few racks solo,
then decided to practice my draw shot,
which seems to be just one of the many
weak points in my game.

I tried a few of the pointers that Roy Yamane gave me
on Day 2 of this trip.
I must have tried the same shot 100 times today,
and after about 30-40 shots, a dim light came on.
After about 80 attempts at the exact same shot,
it almost seemed as if I might be able to draw.
I could feel my focus getting clearer the more I shot it.

What an interesting concept!
I might try more of that stuff...

The shot?
Object ball at 2nd diamond away from the head rail,
a chalk width off the side rail.
Cue ball 3-4 diamonds away from the object ball,
same distance off the side rail.
Pocket the object ball in the corner,
and draw the cue ball back to the foot rail.

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