Day 21: Sandpoint, ID

Sandpoint is described as the place where
God wakes up each morning and kisses the earth.

I'm sure there are at least two arguable points
in that hypothesis, but it's poetic anyway.

Today was a simple day with simple pleasures,
enjoying the lake, the beach, and the company
of Heather and her extraordinary children.
Early this morning Bruce went to San Francisco on biz.

It was a no-pool day, as I could not bring myself
to play on the small bar tables at Slates restaurant.
There is not even a listing in the phone book for Billiards.

So it's back on the road in the morning, south and east,
to Missoula, Montana, and some serious pool.

Three weeks on the road so far,
far from home,
and this evening I am feeling it.

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