Day 27: Aurora, CO

Before I go one moment further with this blog,
I must add something to yesterday's entry.

True, I did snivel and whine about how poorly I played,
and never once did I mention my worthy opponent's play.
How completely egocentric of me!
(What else is new?)

So then, let me set the record straight:
Samm Diep is an awesome pool player.
I came here to learn from her,
and here are some observations:

1. Totally focused, no talking, no emotion while shooting,
but when not playing pool, she is a total sweetie,
a real, warm, funny, and compassionate human being.
2. Great preshot routine. Always sets up the shot right.
3. Excellent shot maker.
4. Excellent strategy player.
5. A real credit to the game. No trash talking.
Perfect manners and composure.

(She didn't get to be BCA 9-ball champion for nothing!)

I need a lot of work to be just half the player she is.

Today is turning out to be a great day!
I discovered a Whole Foods market across the street.
Although I have never been inside one of these stores,
I have heard about them.

When I walked in, I almost wept with joy!
(Good food can do that to a guy.)
What a wonderland of tasty, nutritious treats!
These people know how do do things right.
I going to buy some of their stock.
Click here for stock info.

So, goodbye greasy french fries at Table Steaks East.
Hello fresh fruits & juices, McCann's Irish oatmeal...

Where, you might ask, have I been that
I have not been inside a Whole Foods market?
Well, remember the bit about me being a hermit?
OK, but even hermits have to eat, right?
True enough, but I have a secret weapon which
shields me from the world in general,
and from food stores in particular.
You see, I have had the same cook for the last 20 years.
Amazing, but true!

Carol, if you are reading this,
you probably already shop for me at Whole Foods,
but if you don't, check it out, if there is one nearby.

I'm really looking forward to my next meal!
Road food totally sucks, but I have found
"acres of diamonds" directly across the street.

In other, totally non-pool related and
completely insignificant news to anyone else,
the hotel returned my dry cleaning in half a day,
and done to my specifications (no crease in the pants).
Isn't it amazing what life on the road will do to a person,
that they obsess over the smallest comforts?

Good food and clean clothes.
Life is good again.

Tonight I will again shoot pool.
One ball at a time...

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