Day 30: Englewood, CO

Short note about yesterday's entry,
which was written at 3am and therefore
while I was mentally and physically Gonzo,
so it may be excused that I forgot the best part.

Samm treated me to a meal of Pho, (say "fuh"),
her native Vietnamese specialty,
which is a soup of noodles and meat
(I chose chicken, which tastes like chicken).
However this soup requires some skill to consume.
Hold the spoon with your left hand whilst
using chopsticks to load it with noodles,
a bit of meat, and some seasoning,
then pop the whole thing in your mouth.

Yeah, right. Have you ever tried using
chopsticks to load slippery noodles onto
a spoon held in your left hand?
I think this whole chopsticks invention
is simply another way for Asians
to show their superiority over Westerners.
After all, they train from birth to use chopsticks,
so of course I am going to look like a complete buffoon.
And from that lowly self-image,
I am supposed to go shoot pool with her!
Very crafty, Samm!

Samm could probably draw the cue ball table length
whilst holding the cue with chopsticks!

It should be said, however, that the little bit of food
that finally did find its way into my mouth
was very tasty.
The starter, a nicely done springroll with a peanut sauce
was also very tasty, and didn't need tools to eat.
Great meal, Samm.
Thanks again for the most blog-worthy experience.

During our meal, the sky opened up and rained,
like a fat cow pissin' on a flat rock.
(one of many colorful expressions picked up on the road)

After this very generous gesture on Samm's part,
we went over to Table Steaks East, where she is the pro,
and I sat in on a class she teaches, for free.
It's all about pool, of course.
This evening there were two students, Jennifer and Eric,
both of whom agreed (me too) that she is an excellent teacher.

All of the above happened last night,
before we went back to "Rack 'em" for our two sets.

Tonight I'm on my own and
plan on entering an 8-ball tournament.
Samm has other business.
Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you decided pho was blog-worthy...