Day 43: Vail, CO

Chateau Woodson is the epicenter of hospitality.
Samm and Chisolm collaborate on preparing a great meal,
and lucky me is the guest of honor. Yum!
These people are first class.

That is the good news.
The other news is that before dinner
Chisolm kicks my butt at 8-ball
his favorite game, and the game
with which I need the most practice.

Chisolm is a recognized BCA instructor,
so I asked him to critique my game,
and he said that my fundamentals reveal no flaws.
(That's good to know!)
And then he gives up some cool stuff,
showing me some shots that I had never seen before.
I'll reveal these later, when I get back to San Diego,
and in my regular "Adventures of Fast Mikie" blog.

After dinner, Samm and I play another two sets
with results similar to the previous night.

Sleep comes more easily tonight
as I get acclimated to the elevation.
I understand that triathletes train at
high altitude so that they perform better
when they get to the big competition.
Kind of like Superman and Kryptonite in reverse.
Maybe tomorrow, when I get back to Denver
I'll shoot like Efren Reyes!
Yeah, right.


Robert Johnson said...

I can't wait for the new tricks.

Samm said...

Thanks for goin' easy on the results. You're shooting great! Take my compliment and like it!!! I wish my heart & mind were more in it right now to give you a better challenge. I'm glad Chisolm could do it. Hope you enjoyed your stay.