Day 49: Denver, CO

The Road Trip is back in session!
After 3 hours sleep last night,
I got up at 5:30 this morning
to shuttle to the airport for the flight
from Philly to Denver.

Checked in to the hotel,
but all they had was smoking rooms.

Went to pick up the car at the Chevy dealer
after they did the 5,000 mile service.
I asked them to wash it before I picked it up.
That was a week ago.
They hosed it off, but they sure didn't wash it.
Still bugs on the windshield, and dirt on the rims.
And the trunk latch, which was only working intermittently,
and was supposed to be fixed under warranty,
failed the second time I tried it.
So much for earning my "complete satisfaction"...

Then, back to the hotel, to check out of the smoke,
and into another hotel, which is nicer, cheaper, cleaner.

I'm dead tired.
Couldn't shoot pool now if my life depended on it.

Georgia Boy called to see if I'm back in town.
We'll shoot some pool tomorrow night, for sure.
And then the next day I'm heading out of Denver for good.
I'm thinking maybe Durango is the next stop.
Then Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then Winslow, Arizona,
then Phoenix, then HOME!

El Maestro is in Las Vegas, with his 8-ball team,
playing for the championships of the whole USA,
and on a personal mission to win
as many of the mini-tournaments as he can.
I wish I could be there to watch,
but they allow smoking in the tournament rooms,
so there is No Way I'll be there.

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Samm said...

Glad you made it back in one piece. No blogging from PA. Hope your dad had a fun birthday!
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