Best, Worst, Fastest, etc.

Best Drive: California and Oregon coastlines

Fastest speed achieved:
  1. Over 120mph on the taxiway at the Longmont, CO airport
  2. Many other triple-digit-plus speed bursts in every state

Biggest Pleasant Surprises:
1. 28mpg in non-stop traverse of Wyoming at 80mph.
2. no back problems - I thought the Corvette would be torture!
3. OnStar "concierge" service was great for making hotel reservations at the last minute and with no hassle whatsoever.
4. The head-up display also shows navigation info (next turn direction/distance)

Best Pool Shooter - "Georgia Boy", Aurora, Colorado

Best Performance in a Tournament - Paradise Pool Hall, Denver
Worst Performance in a Tournament - Table Steaks South, Denver

Best Hotel:
1. The Hilton in Santa Fe, New Mexico
(Best Pillows and Best Toilet Paper)
2. The Westin in Whistler (the bed)

Most Overpriced Hotels:
1. Westin in Seattle
2. Rennaisance in Vancouver

Best Looking Women:
1. Barbie, the bride at the wedding in Whistler, Canada
2. The Front Desk clerks, Hilton in Santa Fe, NM (Amanda and Red)
3. The Hostess at the (???) restaurant in Philadelphia, PA,

Best Party:
1. George's bachelor party, Whistler, Canada
2. My father's 91st birthday party in Philadelphia, PA

Best Meal: At the Terra restaurant, in Vail, Colorado,
with Samm and Chisolm

Best Memories:
1. Spontaneous standing ovation by dozens of high school kids as I blasted past them along the California coast, top down.
2. Close wins against "Georgia Boy" in straight and 8-ball
3. Visiting friends I haven't seen for way too long: Kate, Susie, Samm, Heather

Signs of the times:
1. Fat-man shower curtain rods that bow out are almost standard in all hotel rooms nowadays. They were unknown 10 years ago.

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