Day 09: Seattle, WA

Great night's sleep,
but I must have been a bit groggy
because on the way out the front door of the hotel
in search of Starbucks,
I was checking out a pretty girl in the lobby,
and smacked the bejeezus out of my head, on the other door.

They should not let pretty girls sit in lobbies
while there are people around who have not had their
morning coffee.

It was raining lightly, and then got worse,
and stayed generally yucky all the way to Seattle.
No leaks around the convertible top,
and the car handled superbly in the rain,
at speed,
on all different road surfaces.

The drive was not easy, what with the rain,
and a ton of 18-wheelers kicking up the wet roads.
To make it worse, I was on the phone with OnStar
trying to figure out why they keep losing my account info.

Maybe it's my TeleMagic karma coming back to haunt me.

Totally stressful drive, but it is good to be at rest now,
with the peace that comes from having driven from San Diego
to Seattle, the USA bottom to top,
and within striking distance of my destination in Canada.

Once I get through the wedding,
the true adventure begins...

Fun facts: 65mph = 1400rpm (only!)
If the the redline is 6500rpm
that means I could do 301mph.
But that's not going to happen,
so why does the math say it will?

Corvette Computer error:
push, and hold, the seat 1 memory button
and the navigation/stereo system reboots.
That gets your attention the first time or two.

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