Day 10: Canada!

I made it!

Long drive.
Got pulled over by border control going into Canada.
I didn't have my proof of insurance,
and they aren't used to the idea of cars without license plates,
even if they are brand new.
I showed them my proof of insurance for the Jag,
and told them the insurance company didn't have time
to mail me the proof of insurance before
I left for this trip.

After half an hour, they let me go.
It could have been a lot worse.

Checked in, went immediately to see George,
friend for 20 years,
and meet his new bride Barbie.
She is terrific, of course, radiant and joyful.
George is the only guy I know of the 40 or so guests,
so I meet lots of people.
It's kinda cold for an outdoor barbeque,
and then it starts to rain,
so I'm outta there...
Gotta save myself for the bachelor party tomorrow.

In the very short drive from his home to my hotel,
only a few blocks,
an event occurred which has still got my head spinning.
When I think of what could have happened,
and what should have happened,
and what actually did happen,
I am completely unable to speak of it.

I was so totally unalterably headed for disaster,
when it seems that the context changed as if by magic,
and life continued as if nothing had happened.

A religious man might call it a miracle.
I would prefer calling it a Magical Event.

I will continue to think about this deeply...

Meanwhile, I gotta do some laundry,
which takes only Canadian dollar coins
(how quaint!)
and get the hotel to print out
my proof of insurance certificate for the car.
I might need it to get back in the USA.
Laundry takes time.
And multiple interruptions.
But it feels good to have a fresh supply of clean clothes.

This will be the first wash/dry shrink test of the
new Mikie's Fun House t-shirt,
just off the press a few days before I set out.

These mundane thoughts, and many others are
rattling around in my mind,
and all the while
I want to be thinking about the Magical Event.

And so now, with my administrivia behind me,
I will meditate deeply on the
Meaning, or Message, if any.

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Robert Johnson said...

Mikie, you never told us the "Magic Event"!