Day 13: Whistler, Canada, The Day After

What was intended to be a brief brunch party,
to celebrate the morning after,
lasted into the early evening,
and included paddling a canoe on a
pristine lake in an idyllic setting,
with perfectly clear skies.

While out on the lake, we slipped the canoe
within 15' of a wild blue heron,
and we studied each other closely for 10 minutes,
before we slipped back away from this great bird.
Later in the day, we saw a bear cub walking
across the street in the town of Whistler.
Barbie says she sees full-grown bears in the morning
on her bike ride to the gym.
This place is truly unspoiled.

The newlyweds are still clearly smitten
by the Madness that is Romantic Love.

But this part of my adventure is now fully over.
Tomorrow morning I leave this place
for a place unknown.
I will pack my bags in the morning,
load them into the car,
and go looking for pool.

I don't know where I will be sleeping tomorrow.
I'll make that decision on the road.

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