Day 12: Canada, The Big Day

The bachelor party last night
went according to a script written eons ago.
We all know about these things,
so it is not necessary, or prudent,
to recap them here.

The only question I remember,
and I'm sure I remember very little of it,
was how to get the donkey through the lobby,
and up to the room,
without attracting the attention of the
hotel management.

Complete details of the party
will be available on an as-needed basis,
because "what happens in Whistler, stays in Whistler".
From everything I have seen so far,
Whistler is THE party capital of Canada,
and the residents seem very OK with that.

After being given every good reason, excuse,
and opportunity to flee his impending fate,
George remained resolute.
Or, maybe he was just so wrecked as to
appear resolute.
In any case, he did not flee,
and in fact he was seen this morning
carrying on with the plan to marry
in just a few hours.
The die has been cast.
He is gone...

And so, in the fullness of time,
the rains came to an end,
the sun burst through the clouds,
and George and Barbie were married,
in a simple ceremony at the edge of a lake,
at the foot of Olympic mountains.

Then the partying commenced anew.
After some significant folderol,
people began talking with the aid of a microphone,
recounting stories of George or Barbie,
but mostly it was about Barbie
(who I had not met until 2 days ago).

To say that the bride is an extraordinary woman,
would be an understatement.
She is a full-on medical doctor, an OB/GYN surgeon.
That would be pretty impressive in itself,
but wait, there's more...
Barbie is also an MBA and a JD (law degree).
At the reception she stunned the crowd
by singing two beautiful songs, one to George,
and one to George's daughter Kelcie.
She is also a vegan and yogini.
And she drew people from Australia
to Houston to be with her on her big day.

So, Barbie is definitely an extraordinary woman,
by any measure,
and she chose my friend George to be her man.
Who is George to be so lucky?
His website Speaking From Experience
will tell you only some of his credentials
as a nationally acclaimed speaker
(in the Speakers Hall of Fame!)
an author of several books, etc...
But more importantly he is a great father,
who put his career on hold to raise his young daughter alone.
And he did a great job of it!
He hitchhiked around the world many times,
and loves getting off the beaten path
in faraway places.
George is an extraordinary man,
so it seems to be a good match from that perspective.

In fact, virtually everyone I met at that party
was someone who had distinguished themself in a major way.
Many are authors and speakers. Here are a few:
Dan Burrus, Futurist, Speaker, Author
Scott Friedman, Humorist/Motivator
W. Mitchell, Motivational Speaker
(click the names to go to their websites)
well, I could go on and on, but it would take too much space.
If you do nothing else, check W. Mitchell's story.
I have seldom been in a place with so much talent.
It could almost get me feeling humble...

Enough, already!
Only one more party tomorrow morning,
and then I can get out of here Monday, and

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