Day 24: Sheridan, WY

I was thinking I'd head out to Bozeman, MT
but when I got there I was feeling good,
so I stretched it to Billings, MT
and then figured I'd had just about enough of Montana,
and went all the way into Wyoming.

Right at the state line going into Wyoming
the road turns red. Red asphalt!
Further down the road, the sky turned red-ish
because of smoke from a wildfire a long way off.
Red road, red sky, red car... it looked like I was
driving straight into HELL!

Today's run was the longest leg so far,
and the road was straight through some of the
best looking geography so far.
We crossed the continental divide at 6,393' elevation
between Missoula and Bozeman,
and it was all downhill since then (mostly).

This is the land of Little Big Horn
where Custer got his butt kicked (terminally),
and there is nothing but meat on the menu.
Cowboys don't eat no veggies.

I looked in the Yellow Pages for Billiard Parlors,
found only one listed,
and asked the hotel front desk clerk
to direct me to the place,
and she told me it was about three hours down the road.
It was just a small Yellow Pages, but included
a major hunk of Wyoming, the least populous state.
I won't be shooting pool there tonight.

I'm feeling kinda grumpy without some competition,
but I sense it might be close.

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