Day 25: Aurora, CO

Another long distance drive,
the full length of Wyoming,
from Sheridan all the way thru to Denver, CO.

Interstate 25 in Wyoming has more roadkill
than any place I have ever seen.
Probably 2-3 flat animals every 20 yards!
Mostly jackrabbits, I figure, judging
from the fur and feet.
Maybe a coyote here and there.
What a mess!

Speaking of dead stuff,
I'll bet I collected every bug in eastern Wyoming
using the front of my car to catch 'em.

I stopped for a brief rest in Cheyenne, WY
for a cup of Starbucks,
and noticed a curious thing:
there's a lot of people wearing cowboy hats!
Men, women and children all wearing Stetsons.
Do they wear suits on Halloween?

Also did a hand-wash on the car, myself!
It is said that a man only truly gets to know
his car when he washes it himself.
So now me and the Puple Penetrator have shared a moment.
It is also said that a clean car runs better,
and it sure ran fine for the final push of 120 miles
into Aurora, CO.

I expect to be hanging out here in the Denver area
for a while, shooting LOTS of pool,
and catching up with some good friends.

1 comment:

Robert Johnson said...

Have you tried reaching Samm Diep out there?
She might be in Vail at the moment, but she can be found doing pool clinics at Table Steaks East
That address is 3130 S Parker Road, Aurora, CO