Day 38: Englewood, CO

Just when I think I have escaped my addiction,
they pull me back into it.

Yesterday was supposed to be another day without pool,
a third day of rest and recuperation
from the excesses of billiards to the point of bonkers.
But my reputation and past have conspired to do me in.

I have a very good friend, Scott, who lives in the area,
and I have not seen him and his wife Sally since
this time last year when I spent a week at his cabin
high in the Rockies, breaking in his new pool table,
and giving him some beginner-level pointers in the game.

Yesterday we got together for lunch at the Cool River Cafe
which is a very upscale place, even with valet parking,
so the last thing I expected to see was the 6 green tables.
We had a great meal, and Scott kept me spellbound with
stories of his mountaineering exploits.
There are 50 peaks in Colorado over 14,000 feet,
and Scott has ascended all but 10 of them,
with plans to do them all.
He told me a most amazing story about a recent adventure
in which he hired a professional guide to climb with him
in a 3-day adventure to climb 4 of the remaining peaks,
but this highly experienced guide took him up the wrong
mountain, ("Peak 18") which was much more difficult
than any of the planned peaks, but they made it up
and down without mishap, so it is a testament to Scott's
extraordinay conditioning, skill, and powerful will.

After lunch, Scott surprised me with a visit to
the Cool River Cafe billiard room, which was
outfitted with six 8' tables in good condition.
Unfortunately they were all booked,
so we moved on to another high-end night spot
which had about 10 tables but only one of which
was a 9-footer, so we played some 8-ball
for several hours.
Scott's game has improved substantially
over the past year, and shows how much he
focuses and dedicates himself to excellence.

Later on, Scott's wife Sally joined us for dinner
back at the Cool River Cafe, with some more pool
and appetizers before the main meal.

Scott has some strong political feelings,
and we got into a great conversation about the
current world events and what needs to be done.
By the end of the meal, we had solved ALL of
the major global problems, so if you notice any
remaining problems in your area, just let me
know and I'll bring it up with Scott.
I'm sure he can deal with it to your satisfaction.

In fact, I made the suggestion that Scott should
consider running for President of the US.
He is eminently qualified, having been an Eagle Scout,
father of 3, legal degree, international businessman,
(software business in Moscow, Latvia, ++++),
very intelligent, solution-oriented,
happily married only once, Christian, and even has a dog.
And, Sally would make a great First Lady!

So remember, you heard it here first:
Scott Robertson for President!

Although my plan to escape pool for the day
was a complete failure, it was a great time
with a great friend.

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