Day 39: Denver, CO

No pool yesterday.
Didn't even think about it, except once.
And even that one time I did think about it,
was when I had the thought that
I hadn't thought about pool all day.

This morning, I feel like my sleep deficit is gone.
I feel energized,
ready to take on the great unknown of the day.
I do my yoga, and because I am feeling so strong,
I do my cherished headstand yoga posture,
which I have neglected for far too long.
The headstand (aka "sirshasana") is the
King of all yoga postures because of the
great benefits it brings to mind and body.

Yoga legend says that it brings
droplets of immortality to the practitioner.
And with immortality, invincibility.

I am reminded that I must rededicate myself
to continual physical and mental conditioning.
And I am reminded that it is highly unlikely
that I will face another pool shooter who
has done a headstand today.

Today is a good day to shoot pool.

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