Day 40: Aurora, CO

It has now been forty days that
I have been wandering in the wilderness!

Yesterday morning a man walked in to my bank,
the bank I have been working to build for
the past 6 years, and slipped a note to a teller
saying he has a gun, and demanding cash.
He walked out with $6,500.
Here's the news item.

What's all this got to do with pool?
Not much, but it pisses me off,
which harshes my mellow, and I need my mellow
to shoot good pool
so it took me some time to deal with the issues
(anyone hurt? no. etc...)
and get back to pool.

However, I did have some good fun with it.
I called a few friends who are depositors,
and told them about the robbery,
and that nobody was hurt, but that they
got $6,500 and that it was all (my friend's)
money, because we just happened to be
counting it at the moment and it was
sitting on the counter at the time.
Darn bad timing, good buddy...
Another few minutes and it could have been my money.
I'm sure you have insurance for this sort of thing,
right? I'll help you fill out the paperwork,
when I get back in town...

Ha ha ha...
Well, I guess you gotta make lemonade, etc.

Later, when the excitement wore off,
I headed out into the night to Rack 'em Billiards
to see if I could get a game.
As I open the door leading down the stairs to the room,
I hear... nothing! Absolute quiet!
The place was like the catacombs in Rome.
(I've been there!)
There being no chance of a game,
I set into my practice routine,
and got more familiar with my new shaft,
the Predator 314 series 2.

I definitely am noticing a reduction in the
amount that I have to allow for deflection with this
shaft compared to the standard 314 shaft.

And the extra length is coming in handy too.
It seems to give a better balance to the cue
and I notice I'm holding it more forward,
which has got to be a good thing.

My practice session started out great.
I was running 8-ball racks easily,
first the stripes, then the solids,
then the next rack the same way, etc...

And then draw practice,
the Sorto String,
short rail shots with precision position,
then long cut shots with position.

I felt good, and was shooting good,
especially after 4 days off.
Fast Mikie's back!

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