Day 11: Canada, The Day Before

Today is the day before the wedding.

For me, it is a day of rest, and preparation.
An absolute must is to get my suit pressed.
It has been getting uglified
in the travel abuse and cramped quarters of the Vet.
Also need some shirts and pants laundered.
(PLEASE don't put a crease in the pants!)
You can put this all you want in the special instructions
but it will be futile if the launderers do/can not read.
And that's usually the case.
One can only hope...

For the other guests, the day is a litany of "activities"
planned by George to maximize everyone's enjoyment.
I avoid all of these opportunities,
and do yoga, stretching, exercise, meditation, and rest
in the excellent confines of my room, by the fire,
as the rain continues...
Just as you would expect from any good hermit.

I tend to avoid all group activities.
Even good friends' group activities.
Except that, every 5 or 10 years or so,
I throw a party.
This gets all of my groupiness out in one fell swoop,
and I can go back to life without all that busyness.

In news from back home,
Sean reports that he is getting strong positive feedback
on the new Mikie's Fun House t-shirt he has been wearing.

This is the first day since I have owned it,
that I have not driven the car.
And considering the events of last evening,
I'm not going to miss it.

There's not much need for a car here in Whistler.
And that's by design, of course,
because Whistler was the first purpose-built ski resort.
It is also the site of the Winter Olympics 2010.
That explains why there is so much construction
on the road between Vancouver and Whistler.
They are moving mountains for the event!

Tonight will be the first night since July 4
that I will sleep in the same bed as the night before.
I got greedy for that feeling
and took a long nap this afternoon,
with a fire going, and raining outside.

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Samm said...

Why the heck is the top UP in all of the pictures?!?