The Road Less Traveled, California Highway 1
Fast Mikie's Epic Road Trip

Table of Contents

Day  CLICK FOR STORY Description 2006
1 Del Mar, CA Independence Day.   4-Jul
2 Orange, CA Danny K's 5-Jul
3 Morro Bay, CA Corvette Mike, road tunes,  the Rock. 6-Jul
4 Ragged Point, CA Big Sur legendary roads.  7-Jul
5 Mill Valley, CA A Spontaneous Standing Ovation!  8-Jul
6 Eureka, CA Susie and Janet, Stinson Beach 9-Jul
7 Gold Beach, CA Solitude: a room by the river. 10-Jul
8 Portland, OR Molly.  5 hours on the road.  Salmon. 11-Jul
9 Seattle, WA Pretty Girl Pain.  Heavy rain. 12-Jul
10 Whistler, Canada Miraculously avoid disaster. 13-Jul
11 Whistler, Canada The Day Before The Wedding 14-Jul
12 Whistler, Canada The Big Day 15-Jul
13 Whistler, Canada The Day After 16-Jul
14 Vancouver, Canada 1200 mile car wash.  Damages. 17-Jul
15 Seattle, WA Bruce watches.  Windshield damage. 18-Jul
16 Moses Lake, WA Challenge at the Ripple Tavern. 19-Jul
17 Spokane, WA Katie 20-Jul
18 Spokane, WA Winning at pool. Car looking great. 21-Jul
19 Spokane, WA Emergency dental, paying it forward. 22-Jul
20 Sandpoint, ID Playing safe. 23-Jul
21 Sandpoint, ID Where God kisses the earth. 24-Jul
22 Missoula, MT The Palace is a Dungeon 25-Jul
23 Missoula, MT Practice on  University tables 26-Jul
24 Sheridan, WY Just passing through 27-Jul
25 Aurora, CO Road kill, dead bugs, cowboys 28-Jul
26 Aurora, CO Samm 29-Jul
27 Aurora, CO Whole Foods 30-Jul
28 Aurora, CO Learning composure from Samm 31-Jul
29 Aurora, CO Practice, practice, practice 1-Aug
30 Englewood, CO Pho 2-Aug
31 Wheat Ridge, CO The Fat Man and The Mouth 3-Aug
32 Aurora, CO Twitchy.  Four ball combination. 4-Aug
33 Aurora, CO Calgary Dave and Georgia Boy.  5-Aug
34 Aurora, CO Buying lessons from Georgia Boy. 6-Aug
35 Aurora, CO Far, Far Away 7-Aug
36 Denver, CO A day of rest. 8-Aug
37 Longmont, CO Art and Dan. Maserati race. 120mph. 9-Aug
38 Englewood, CO Scott and Sally 10-Aug
39 Denver, CO Yoga 11-Aug
40 Aurora, CO Bank robbery fun! 12-Aug
41 Aurora, CO Practice with Georgia Boy 13-Aug
42 Vail, CO Chisolm and the Diamond 14-Aug
43 Vail, CO Lessons from Chisolm 15-Aug
44 Philadelphia, PA By air for Dad's 91st birthday 16-Aug
45 Philadelphia, PA Family visit 17-Aug
46 Philadelphia, PA Family visit 18-Aug
47 Philadelphia, PA Family visit 19-Aug
48 Philadelphia, PA Family visit 20-Aug
49 Denver, CO Return to the road.  No pool. 21-Aug
50 Aurora, CO Doing things my way. 22-Aug
51 Santa Fe, NM The redhead and the Madness. 23-Aug
52 Santa Fe, NM Slow tables at the Catamount 24-Aug
53 Flagstaff, AZ Route 66. Cheap gas.  Nowhere. 25-Aug
54 Del Mar, CA Home again! 26-Aug
55 Del Mar, CA Best, Worst, Fastest, etc. 27-Aug

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